Available on all implant platforms, the Panthera Implant Bridge is the best solution for your complexe cases.
Available for any implant platforms, the Panthera Implant Bridge is the adequate solution for your complex cases. Just design a wax-up and send it to us with your master model: we will produce a perfect copy. With one of the best warranty on the market our “copywax” solution is among the most reliable. Whether the bridge will be completed with porcelain, composite material, or acrylic, and regardless of the shape you need, you will obtain an identical copy.
The Panthera Implant Bridge offers the following advantages:
  • Monobloc
  • No porosity
  • No soldering
  • Biocompatible
  • Compatible with a wide choice of brands of implants and combinations thereof
  • Possibility to work directly on the implant head
  • Nothing less than a perfect copy of your waxup

Available finish types (Metal only)
Ionized (Titanium only)
Color choices (Zirconia only)

Light pink

Medium pink

Dark pink





Complete the online prescription
Easy and user friendly, the online prescription is a quick and worry-free way to order your product. Start by visiting us at and, once your customer account is created, click on “New order”. Then, simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. Finally, print your final order form. Using our online prescription system will enable you to follow the progress of your order in real-time.
Send your case
Gather all the material related to your case (master model, wax denture and final order form) and send everything to our production center at the following address:
Panthera Dental 2035 rue du Haut Bord Québec, Québec Canada G1N 4R7
You can use the courier of your choice. A customs commercial invoice is available on our website or upon request. Note: Do not include any articulators in the package.
Panthera scans your copywax
Our team of professionals uses one of the most precise high-end industrial scanner to scan your copywax. With such equipment, your waxup will be flawless and all the time invested on the waxing with not be lost since every detail will be saved to be milled. Once the scanning is done, our team will validate the implant position and the quality of the file generated by the scanner to ensure it is perfect and complete.
Panthera manufactures the bar for you
Your bar was designed according to your requirements and it is now ready for the final stage of its production: manufacturing. This is when our high-precision equipment is used to produce the perfect bar. Once the manufacturing is completed, a series of quality-control tests are performed, followed by a precision polishing which ensures that the bar you receive will be ready to be used.
Receive your final product
When everything is ready, Panthera Dental uses the services of FedEx (FedEx Priority OvernightMD) to get the product to you as quickly as possible, wherever you are on the globe. Your bar will be delivered with its warranty card, your invoice, as well as all the items sent to us at the beginning of the process.
Zirconia bar
  • Uni 20(22069)
  • Uni 45(22070)
  • Aqua(24978)
  • Lilac(24979)
  • Angled Abutment(24227)
  • Yellow(24977)
  • Uni EV 3.6(25615)
  • UNI EV 4.2(25545)
  • CLA20
  • TP3IA
  • PYIA
  • PGIA
  • PBIA
  • J3010.3800
  • J3020.4300
  • J2567.4300
  • J2567.6000
  • J3020.6000
  • J3010.6000
  • J3010.5000
  • J3010.4300
  • J3010.3300
  • C3010.3300
  • C3010.3800
  • C3010.4300
  • C3010.5000
  • DACI
  • DAIINK4.3N
  • DDIEVL3.3
  • MERR300
  • NL-IL
  • Overdenture(1000-61)
  • 31146
  • Branemark NP(31158)
  • Branemark RP(31159)
  • Branemark WP(31160)
  • MultiUnit RP(31161)
  • MultiUnit WP(31162)
  • Replace Select NP(29498)
  • Replace Select RP(29500)
  • Replace Select WP(29502)
  • NobelActive NP(36697)
  • NobelActive RP(36698)
  • Replace Select 6.0(29995)
  • NC(025.2101)
  • NC 3.5(023.2754)
  • RC(025.4101)
  • RN synOcta(048.108)
  • RN synOcta(048.124)
  • NC-RC 4.6(023.4756)
  • NNC 3.5(048.127)
  • WN synOcta(048.171) with 048.603
  • WN synOcta(048.171)
  • Endopore(Innova 4.0)
  • ACTR
  • AVR
  • IA4
  • BITT35
  • BITT43

Metal bar
The Panthera copywax are guaranteed 25 years!
Your patient has invested a considerable sum for a high quality restoration. Like you, we take his/her well-being to heart and we offer peace of mind with our 25-year warranty on copywax.

For the next quarter century, Panthera Dental will honor this promise of quality and impeccable manufacturing with its exclusive product warranty card.*
* Only the Panthera Dental copywax is guaranteed 25 years. The warranty excludes screws and attachments. It is effective from the date of manufacture and expires at the end of the 25-year warranty period, to the nearest month. Panthera Dental reserves the right to cancel the warranty should the copywax have been significantly altered. Under no circumstances will Panthera Dental cover costs related to labor, design or manufacture, or to any in-mouth prosthesis or implant parts. To make a claim regarding a bar warranty, please contact our customer service and have your patient's card on hand. Once the information has been validated, Panthera Dental will quickly manufacture and deliver a new copywax.