Variable distance


Constant distance

Consistent Height

What needed to be improved in the regular Dolder bar was the distance with soft tissues. Currently, the distance is inconsistent: sometimes it will be too high or too low. Now with the Dolder ++, you can obtain a consistent distance between the soft tissues and the bar. The height of the bar can go up to 8 mm compared with the regular one that has a fixed height of 3 mm.

Adapted Riders

The Dolder restoration is the preferred solution for cases where little space is available. Often, the distance between implants is very short, which requires the use of very short riders. Thus, the retention is limited and will disappear over time as a result of natural wear. With our new adapted riders made of palladium, we almost double the retention. To keep the high aesthetics we are known for, the rider will be cut to follow soft tissues as the bar does.

same height
will be cut