Double Structure for metal bar
Panthera Dental is proud to offer its double structure bars entirely manufactured using CAD/CAM technology.

Panthera Dental has developed several types of double structure bars in collaboration with important laboratories and world-renowned dentists to offer you the perfect product.

Try our double structure bars to admire the precision offered by Panthera Dental. The double structure bars, like all our bars, are compatible with every brand of implant available on the market without exception. Gone are the days when one would cast double structures: for dental restorations, demand CAD/CAM.
In addition to the advantages available with all our bars, the double structure bars have the following advantages:
  • Available with Locators, OT Equators and ball attachments
  • Can be manufactured with MK-1 attachments
  • Offered for fixed restoration with screws on the lingual side
  • Can have several types of finish
  • Available in titanium and PMMA

Available materials

The double structures are available with the 4 following options:

Metal band
Retentive top
Retentive extensions
Metal lip
Concept bar

Complete the online prescription
Easy and user friendly, the online prescription is a quick and worry-free way to order your product. Start by visiting us at and, once your customer account is created, click on “New order”. Then, simply follow the step-by-step instructions on the screen. Finally, print your final order form. Using our online prescription system will enable you to follow the progress of your order in real-time.
Send your case
Gather all the material related to your case (master model, wax denture and final order form) and send everything to our production center at the following address:
Panthera Dental 2035 rue du Haut Bord Québec, Québec Canada G1N 4R7
You can use the courier of your choice. A customs commercial invoice is available on our website or upon request. Note: Do not include any articulators in the package.
Panthera designs the bar for you
Our team of professionals gets to work and designs your bar according to the specifications you provided in the online prescription form you filled. Once the work is completed, screen captures of the design can be sent for you to approve upon request.
Validate the design online
With our online validation tool, it is possible for you to see pictures (screenshots) of your case when you deem the time is appropriate. You can add points of reference on the images and link comments to indicate any changes you want us to make to the suggested design. Then, you can request to see a new series of images to validate the implementation of the requested changes or, even simpler, ask that we immediately proceed to the manufacturing.
Panthera manufactures the bar for you
Your bar was designed according to your requirements and it is now ready for the final stage of its production: manufacturing. This is when our high-precision equipment is used to produce the perfect bar. Once the manufacturing is completed, a series of quality-control tests are performed, followed by a precision polishing which ensures that the bar you receive will be ready to be used.
Receive your final product
When everything is ready, Panthera Dental uses the services of FedEx (FedEx Priority OvernightMD) to get the product to you as quickly as possible, wherever you are on the globe. Your bar will be delivered with its warranty card, your invoice, as well as all the items sent to us at the beginning of the process.
  • Rhein83® OT Equator
  • Rhein83® Ball 1.8 mm
  • Rhein83® Ball 2.5 mm
  • Ball Bredent
  • Anchor System M3
  • Hader Rider
  • MK1®
  • Diamart Occlusal Screw
  • Lingual screw
  • Novaloc
  • Zest Locator®
  • Gold Rider
  • Doral Rider
  • Titanium Rider
Panthera Dental is proud to offer a wide range of attachments; if the one you are interested in for your case is not included in the above list, we invite you to contact our customer service and it will be our pleasure to do everything possible to find the requested attachment.
The Panthera double structures are guaranteed 25 years!
Your patient has invested a considerable sum for a high quality restoration. Like you, we take his/her well-being to heart and we offer peace of mind with our 25-year warranty on double structures.

For the next quarter century, Panthera Dental will honor this promise of quality and impeccable manufacturing with its exclusive product warranty card.*
* Only the Panthera Dental double structure is guaranteed 25 years. The warranty excludes screws and attachments. It is effective from the date of manufacture and expires after the 25-year warranty period, to the nearest month. Panthera Dental reserves the right to cancel the warranty should the double structure has been significantly altered. Under no circumstances will Panthera Dental cover laboratory costs related to labor fees, prosthesis design or manufacture. Panthera Dental does not cover the cost of any components used by the practitioner either. To make a claim regarding a double structure warranty, please contact our customer service with your patient's card on hand. Once the warranty information has been validated, Panthera Dental will quickly manufacture and deliver a new double structure.