How it works


The first step consisted in making custom abutments to adjust the angle of the implants up to 30° in order to make the whole restoration perpendicular to the occlusal plane. This is the role of this first piece that can be adapted to a wide range of implant connections.



The second piece is used to offer adequate support for the IBTM bar. Since we always try to maximize your solutions, this piece is available in 2 heights for a perfect fit with your restoration. There is no screw hole since Panthera has developed a special screwdriver to screw the piece directly in the patient’s mouth. By doing so, we make the cleaning easier for your patient.


A special nylon developed by serves as the retention element that will keep the part in place. This nylon is available in 3 different colors and ranges from extra soft to strong retention, so you may choose the retention required for your patient. Even though they are easy and inexpensive to replace, those nylons will last for a long time because the tension is distributed evenly thanks to the parallelism between each parts of the IBTM bar.

Extra soft


The final part of the IBTM bar includes the cylinders and the nylons. The procedure established consists in gluing the part to the bar to ensure the parallelism of all abutments. Furthermore, the nylons can be changed easily without damaging the prosthesis. Every detail has been taken into consideration to create an impeccable product.

Adapted to Your Patient’s Lifestyle

Even with all these extra parts involved, the bar will still be designed to follow your prosthesis. As always, at Panthera, we adapt our product to your art, not the other way around. As if this was not enough, since multiple nylons offering different retention forces are available, you can always make it easier for your patients to remove the bar to better suit their lifestyle. At Panthera, we consider the IBTM bar to be one great achievement and we think it was only possible to create such a fine product by listening to our customers' needs: yours.

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  • Aqua(24978)
  • Lilac(24979)
  • Yellow(24977)

Biomet 3i

  • ILA20
  • IILA20
  • IILAW5
  • ILAW5
  • IILAW6
  • ILAW6


  • TP3IA
  • PYIA
  • PGIA


  • J3010.3800
  • J3010.4300

Global D

  • DACI
  • DDIEVL3.3


  • Branemark NP(31158)
  • Branemark RP(31159)
  • Branemark WP(31160)
  • MultiUnit RP(31161)
  • MultiUnit WP(31162)
  • Replace Select NP(29498)
  • Replace Select RP(29500)
  • Replace Select WP(29502)
  • NobelActive NP(36697)
  • NobelActive RP(36698)
  • NobelActive 3.0(36791)
  • Replace Select 6.0(29995)


  • RN synOcta(048.124)
  • WN synOcta(048.171)


  • AVR
  • IA3
  • IA4
  • IA5