“For me, the Panthera Master Cup was primarily about learning more regarding my profession, my abilities, and myself. I’m really proud of my case. I even went to England to be trained by Lee Mullins to get this result. I was surprised when I saw some of the pictures of my case! This is the most beautiful prosthesis I’ve made in my life, even though I’m not entirely satisfied with all the details of my case. In this kind of competition, there is always room for improvement.”

1ST Place

Julien Bory, D.D., Ivoire Santé Dentaire Longueuil, Canada

Julien has been a dental prosthetist since 1997, a denturist since 2017, a Candulor demonstrator, an instructor for SDC (Swiss Denture Concept) internships and a lecturer on the Gerber technique. In 2007, he hitchhiked out of Europe to do humanitarian work in Asia. After a year and a half, he founded the Global Denture association to continue the volunteer work started in India during this journey, on behalf of the DRI, a local NGO.

2ND Place

Jeffrey Dugré, CDT, Laboratoire Dentaire 3R, Canada

His Panthera Master Cup experience:

“This competition was everything I needed to push myself further and help increase the quality of my work. To be the best, you need to compete against the best. The difficulty of the case selected by Panthera Dental was my favorite part of the experience. This 2018 Master Cup case required a lot of thinking in order to avoid mistakes. This case gave me the opportunity to surpass myself and I’m really proud of what I was able to accomplish! This competition has been an amazing professional and personal experience.”

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3RD Place

Thibault Desormeaux, CAP, Laboratoire Prosud, France

His Panthera Master Cup experience:

“My priority was to discover how much I could accomplish in that kind of competition. In addition, I wanted to learn new dental skills and discover new materials. It was an amazing experience that taught me a lot. I had to gather a large quantity of information in a very short time in order to get the results I was hoping for. What I mostly appreciated in the Master Cup was meeting the other competitors who share the same passion and discussing our experience. This competition brought us all together.”

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Maxime Alfred Jan Lefebvre

Maxime Alfred Jan Lefebvre
Laboratoire CGP

participant 4
Denise Daniel, CDT Aspen Dental Management, Inc. USA

Denise Daniel, CDT
Aspen Dental Management, Inc., USA

participant 6
Imants Lindermanis

Imants Lindermanis, M.Sc
Woodlands Dental Laboratory
United Kingdom

participant 6
David Lindsay

David Lindsay, CDT
Rogue Valley Dental Arts

particpipant 7
Kathryn Kennedy

Kathryn Kennedy, CDT
Affordable Dentures Dental Laboratories, USA

particpipant 8

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