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The Panthera Master Cup is a contest open to any dental technician, dentist or denturist who wants to compete with the best. Knowledge and skills will be evaluated on a full upper and lower case that involves implant bars.

Contestants will be provided with a case and will need to complete it within a specific period of time. Each contestant will also need to document their work and include said documentation with their final submission. A group of 5 juries will then use a predetermined criteria list to evaluate all cases and select the winner.

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Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG - Deutsch Dental Arts

Arian Deutsch, CDT, DTG
Deutsch Dental Arts

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Alexander Wuensche, CDT Zahntechnique

Alexander Wuensche, CDT

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Bart Hyde, CDT Hyde Dental Prosthetics

Bart Hyde, CDT
Hyde Dental Prosthetics

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Hagop Ahnamian Stei dentaire

Hagop Ahnamian
Stei dentaire

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Josh Marotta, CDT , MDT Marotta Dental Studio

Josh Marotta, CDT , MDT
Marotta Dental Studio

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Justin Harrison, CDT Affordable Dentures & Implants

Justin Harrison, CDT
Affordable Dentures & Implants

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Kim Dubois - Geneviève Gagnon Laboratoire dentaire Prosthotech

Kim Dubois &
Geneviève Gagnon
Laboratoire dentaire Prosthotech

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Mark Williamson, CDT Ottawa Dental Lab-Chicago

Mark Williamson, CDT
Ottawa Dental Lab-Chicago

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Oleg Glozanski Gordana Dental Art Studio

Oleg Glozanski
Gordana Dental Art Studio

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    2ND Place

  • logo panthera dental
    $750 in cash prizes
  • logo ivoclar
    $1000 Phonares Tooth Stock

    1ST Place

  • A weekend in Quebec City, Canada, which includes 2 nights at the Fairmont Château Frontenac, flights and a visit of the Panthera Dental Headquarters.
  • An interview published in the Inside Dental Technology magazine about their experience in the industry and what criteria enabled them to be selected as grand winner.
  • $1000 in cash prizes
  • logo Ivoclar
  • $2500 Phonares Tooth Stock
  • If the participant purchased a Stratus 100 articulator for the competition, he/she will be credited the purchase amount

    3RD Place

  • logo panthera dental
    $250 in cash prizes
  • logo ivoclar
    $500 Phonares Tooth Stock


For more details see CRITERIA AND OUTLINES

Each contestant will receive an upper and lower model with bite registration. The upper model will be a 5-implant case with a REBourke Bar and the lower arch will be a 4-implant model with a wrap-around bar.

  • Extra lab analogs will also be provided to complete the case;
  • All other required material will have to be provided by contestants;
  • Contestants will need to document each step of their work, which can be done with, but not limited to, pictures, written documents and visual aids such as videos. The final documentation can be submitted in the contestant's choice of media : hard copy, digital copy (Word, PowerPoint, etc), videos, etc;
  • All material will be shipped to contestants on March 3rd and all completed cases will need to be shipped to Panthera on May 31st at the latest;
  • Winners will be announced in September.

Provided by logo ivoclar

  • A set of Phonares Teeth will be provided. Participants will select the appropriate tooth mould, size and shade for their cases, and order through Panthera Dental;
  • Ivoclar Shade Guide;
  • Ivoclar Mould Guide;
  • Ivoclar Form Selector Gauge;
  • Ivoclar will also have a special offer on the Stratus 100 articulator for participants to purchase for the competition.The winner of the competition will receive a full reimbursement of the purchase cost of this articulator (optional);
  • A list of products and prices for additional purchases by participants for their case (optional).


The jury will consist of the following 5 members of the industry :

Andreas Klies, RDT

Andreas Klie, RDT
Panthera Dental
Ontario, Canada

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Ruth Bourke, RDT

Ruth Bourke, RDT
REBourke Dental Lab

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Peter Pizzi, IDT Magazine

Peter Pizzi, MDT
Pizzi Dental Studio
Co-Editor-in-Chief IDT

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Rob Mior, Ivoclar

Rob Mior
General Manager,
Ivoclar Vivadent

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Dr. Arun Sharma, M.Sc., D.D.S
University of California
San Francisco

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The patient is a 63-year-old female who has been wearing dentures for many years. She was tired of having constant problems with ill-fitting dentures. She had 5 implants placed in the upper arch and 4 in the lower arch. She has good oral hygiene, so a compromise between fixed and removable was decided for this patient.

Implant Bars

  • The upper dental implant bar is a REBourke Bar which offers a combination of fixed and removable prosthesis;
  • The lower is a fixed wrap - around bar.

Condyle settings

  • Both left and right condyles are set at 30°.

Incisal Guidance

  • Incisal guidance is set at 0°.


  • Patient has requested a natural looking anterior set-up.

The project will consist of the following :

  • The upper and lower models will have to be articulated with an adjustable articulator of your choice using the provided bite registration;
  • Teeth to be used on your case will be Ivoclar Phonares II;
  • The mould and shade to be used will be chosen using the Ivoclar mould and shade guides provided with your case. Contestants will place their order for the required teeth with Panthera Dental;
  • Set up full upper prosthesis on the provided REBourke bar;
  • Set up full lower prosthesis on the provided wrap-around bar;
  • Depending on your tooth choice, posterior occlusion will be either classic occlusion (Phonares II Typ) or lingualized occlusion (Phonares II Lingual);
  • Hygiene needs to be considered in your case design and completed prostheses;
  • Documentation on tooth selection, shade, articulation and process needs to be provided with the completed case.

Participants will receive the following

  • A Maxillary model with a REBourke bar on 5 implants;
  • A Mandibular model with a wrap-around bar on 4 implants;
  • A Bite registration;
  • An Ivoclar Phonares II shade guide;
  • An Ivoclar Phonares II mould guide;
  • A set of of 1x28 Phonares II teeth, shade and mould to be chosen by the contestant and ordered through Panthera;
  • Processing pins for the REBourke bar;
  • An additional set of analogs for the wrap-around bar;
  • A copy of the Evaluation Criteria.

Case submission

  • The completed cases to be submitted on the articulated models;
  • Original bite registration must be sent with the case;
  • Documentation must be submitted in the participant's preferred media type (ie.: Hardcopy, Word, PowerPoint, videos, photos, etc);
  • Cases must be submitted by May 31st;

Cases must be sent by May 31st to:

Panthera Dental
Master Cup
2035 rue du Haut-Bord
Quebec City, QC
G1N 4R7


Terms and conditions

• Selected contestants and winners authorize the organizers and their representatives, if required, to use their names and pictures in various media without any form of compensation;

• All contest participants agree to be bound by these Contest Rules;

• Failure to comply with any of these conditions will result in the immediate cancellation of the participant's entry.



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