Quebec City, November 17, 2017
Panthera Dental is expanding its range of products by offering the Novaloc attachment, now available on the Panthera Dental bars.

Its unique black coating makes it more resistant and comes with a 10-year warranty, the longest in the industry. The system comes with 3 different color-coded retentions. Another unique benefit of the Novaloc is the possibility to choose between a titanium or a PEEK housing for better aesthetics.

Customers can order now and get this solution along with any implant bar. For more information, please contact our customer service at +1 855 233-0388 or visit:

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Quebec City, October 26, 2017
Panthera Dental is proud to announce the addition of five new Regional Sales Directors to the United-States sales team, two of whom are specifically dedicated to its Dental Sleep Division.

Richard Dunn, Branden Kergan and Tony Pacheco have joined the team in the roles of Regional Sales Directors to support the continued growth and expansion in the Northeastern states, the Mid-Atlantic Region and the Great Lakes Region. As for the new Regional Sales Directors, Dental Sleep Division, Jon Goldhamer and Gabe Sayer will cover the Central and West Coast of the United States.

"It’s an exciting time at Panthera Dental! We usher in a new era of customer support with even more dedicated team members now for both the prosthetic and sleep sales channels. To be an integral part of this new chapter is an honor as we strive to provide innovative, cutting-edge dental solutions that meet and exceed the industry standards. Please join us and realize the exceptional value Panthera Dental can offer your practice/laboratory and your patients." - Kim Solomon – VP Sales, USA CORP.

These new members, with their valuable experience in the dentistry field, will be tremendous assets to the growing business.

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Panthera Dental is accelerating its growth through investments by TVM Life Science Ventures VII and Emerillon Capital

Quebec City, October 3, 2017
Panthera Dental announced today itspartnership with TVM Life Science Ventures VII and Emerillon Capital venture capitals in order to support its export activities.

With this financial assistance, Panthera Dental will be able to pursue its international expansion and continue to be a leader in its field. Ever since its creation, Panthera Dental has been growing with accelerating speed thanks to its innovating products in the fields of dental implantology and sleep disordered breathing. Panthera Dental is now proud to be associated with two partners of excellent reputation, in addition to Capital Croissance PME, in order to promote its commercial expansion and offer its custom products to a larger number of people.

“I am proud to partner with world-class venture capital funds to ensure that Panthera Dental will become a major player in its field. Those investments enable us to consolidate our physical establishment in the United States and in Europe while also allowing us to keep up with the rapid growth of our export, which we have been experiencing now for several years.” - Gabriel Robichaud, CEO

“Panthera Dental commercialises innovative products targeting wide-ranging international markets. Our investment will position Panthera Dental as a world leader and concurrently keep its corporate roots in the province of Quebec. Panthera Dental will benefit from TVM Life Science Ventures VII’s European and North- American network to facilitate its market access abroad.” - Dr. Luc Marengere, Senior Partner, TVM Life Science Ventures VII.

“We are enthusiastically partnering with Gabriel Robichaud and his team at Panthera Dental, a manufacturer recognized for the excellence of its products. Our investment will enable the company to accelerate its growth, mainly abroad, by drawing in part on the network of CIC Capital, Emerillon Capital’s lead sponsor.” - Pierre Cantin, Senior Investment Director, CIC Capital, on behalf of Emerillon Capital.

Panthera Dental will establish a subsidiary in the United States as well as in Europe and will increase its production capabilities in the months to come to better meet demand in those regions. Given the company’s success and the loyalty demonstrated by its current customers, emphasis will be placed on the training of all health professionals of the field in order to better promote its unrivaled quality products.

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Panthera Dental is proud to launch its Angulated Screw Channel – a solution that works with original manufacturer screws.

Quebec City, July 7, 2017
Panthera Dental introduces its newest feature, one that will solve many problems in implant dentistry. Starting immediately, you can solve the bad positioning of dental implants by opting for an Angulated Screw Channel, which is now available with the majority of Panthera Dental’s products.

The main feature of our solution is that it is the first solution in the world that keeps the original geometry of the screw seating, thus allowing for the use of the original screw from the implant manufacturer.

Our technology allows us to angle the channel up to 25° using a special screwdriver we manufacture ourselves. This screwdriver has a patented shape that fits into the original hex of the implant. This unique solution also brings some major benefits that cannot be found with other technologies:

-Uniform distribution of forces in the seat/screw head area

-Unidirectional stress applied to the implant, reducing implant failure rate

-Bridge passivity is maintained

“I am thrilled by this solution. Our team of engineers worked hard to avoid using a third-party screw that can create problems commonly seen on the market. Keeping the original screw was a challenge that my team was proud to take up and they succeeded in developing a unique solution that will make a positive difference in the fixed industry.”
- says Bernard Robichaud, Co-Founder of Panthera Dental.

Customers can order now and get this solution along with any implant bridge or implant bar in Titanium, Chrome-Cobalt, Zirconia, PMMA and PEKKTON.

Panthera Dental’s Angulated Screw Channel is protected by patents.

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Panthera Dental is proud to introduce THE DIAMARTTM by Dominico Cascione, CDT.

Quebec City, March 2, 2017
Panthera Dental is thrilled to announce the release of its new product: THE DIAMARTTM by Dominico Cascione, CDT. The DiamartTM is a two-part implant bridge. The bridge, which can be milled in Zirconia, Pekkton® or PMMA, is supported by a titanium implant bar, a combination that gives the DiamartTM a long list of benefits.

The DiamartTM resolves screw channel angulation challenges. The titanium bar increases overall rigidity and offers proper support for cantilever. The easy access to the bridge increases reparability as well. This product comes with the option of a PMMA temporary and is compatible with 450+ implant platforms.

Furthermore, the restoration is 100% retrievable. The Zirconia supra structure can be segmented into multiple pieces. It provides solutions when the clinician is challenged with non-ideal implant angulations and allows a definitive restoration that satisfies the requirements of fit, esthetics and biomechanics while making the restoration retrievable.

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Panthera Dental Supports Zimmer Biomet Customers

Quebec City, November 10, 2016
On November 2nd 2016, Zimmer Biomet has officially announced its decision to stop manufacturing implant bars for third party platforms. Panthera Dental offers its services to Zimmer Biomet’s customers for all their cases needing to be manufactured.

Panthera Dental’s bars are compatible with over 410 implant connections, therefore offering the widest range of possibilities in the world.

To support every customer, Panthera Dental offers a full warranty on all implants supported by its implant bars and bridges. Indeed, if an implant fails, Panthera Dental will honour the original warranty exactly as stipulated by the original manufacturer. Panthera Dental even supports its customers in cases where the original manufacturer does not honour its warranty anymore due to the use of Panthera Dental’s products. Please visit our website for more details on Panthera Dental’s warranty:

Panthera Dental has a milling center based in Canada and an office in the United States of America. Moreover, Panthera Dental ships worldwide with the collaboration of four international distributors based in France, Switzerland, Australia, and Hong Kong.

For more information, please contact our customer service at +1 855 233-0388.

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The Lock’n’Release Bar Received the Inside Dental Technology 2016 Reader’s Choice Technology Award

Quebec City, September 7, 2016
Panthera Dental has always offered innovative solutions suitable for most patients. In February, Panthera Dental added the Lock’n’ReleaseTM bar to its broad range of products. Last July, this patented mechanism was chosen by the readers of the American magazine Inside Dental Technology as a 2016 Reader’s Choice Technology Award winner.

The Lock’n’ReleaseTM bar meets the needs of many people. It was developed specically for easy installation and removal. This revolutionary and unique bar allows patients with dexterity disabilities, such as people with Parkinson’s disease, to easily remove their prosthesis since the bar only requires 40 grams of pressure. Moreover, the Lock’n’ReleaseTM bar is used by seniors and people with decreasing independence in home-care centers. Dental prostheses including the Lock’n’ReleaseTM system can be easily removed by a third party.

The Lock’n’ReleaseTM bar comprises some special components. One of these interesting parts is a correcting angular custom abutment. The abutment can be manufactured with an angle of up to 30° and can fit with the majority of implant systems. The result: a perfect parallel restoration.

Do not hesitate to visit our website for more information regarding its unique design:

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Panthera Dental Creates Panthera Sleep, a New Division Specialized in Sleep-Related Products and Solutions

Quebec City, June 9, 2016
Because of fast-growing demand, Panthera Dental has decided to create a distinct division for its line of sleep products, with dedicated teams of R&D and Marketing. From now on, customers have access to a new web portal at to learn more about our products. Moreover, a new section for patients is now available on the website to inform the public of the benefits of the D-SAD, Panthera Dental’s patented CAD/CAM sleep appliance.

At the same time, Panthera Dental is proud to integrate the compatibility of the D-SAD with 3Shape’s Trios and Align Technology’s iTero scanners. Customers can now use these two intra-oral scanning technologies to order their appliances. This method increases accuracy and creates a more interesting customer experience for the end-user. Using intra-oral scanning technology also reduces the turnaround time required for the production of the final appliance.

To add new features to its well-adapted products, Panthera Dental has formed a partnership with Braebon to introduce the Dentitrac, a sensor chip that measures patient compliance and wearing times for each night. Thanks to this technology, unions and other members of the transportation industry can use the D-SAD and know that their staff is treated for sleep apnea.

We are so thrilled by this new division and its new logo. We will be able to strengthen our position in the sleep industry, and Panthera Sleep also gives us a better platform to launch future projects. We have many ideas on which we will be working for the coming year that will change, again, the way we do dental sleep medicine,” said Bernard Robichaud, co-founder of Panthera Dental.

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Panthera Dental Launches 2 New Implant Bars: the Integrated Bar™ and the Lock ‘n’ Release™

Quebec City, February 16, 2016
Panthera Dental is proud to add two new bars to its extensive line of products. The new bars are innovative and unique. Indeed, both were developed in collaboration with clients to create a product adapted to the current needs of the market.

The “Integrated Bar™” is a wrap-around implant bar, with the benefit that it can be removed by the patient. Once the bar is removed, the patient only has to clean the small abutment. To maintain the bar in place, a system including colored nylons is used. With its practical design, the system can be used directly on the head of the implant with an angle of up to 30 degrees.

The “Lock ‘n’ Release™” is an upgraded version of a ten-year-old concept developed by Dr. Richard Taché and Mr. André Archambault RDT. At first, the system did not include an implant bar. It was intended to allow the prosthesis to be removed by pressing two buttons. With the help of Panthera Dental, the concept was updated to a CAD/CAM version for a custom adjustment and now comprises a bar. Thanks to this simple yet advanced mechanism, patients with dexterity issues or their nursing staff can remove the bar themselves for improved hygiene.

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Panthera Dental extends its customer service business hours to accommodate the Australian market.

Quebec City, May 15, 2015
Panthera Dental announces that starting from now, its customer service will be opened from 7 AM to 6 PM EST, from Monday to Friday. This extension of 2 hours aims to accommodate the Australian market. For our Australian clients, this means our team will be able to offer a seamless customer service until 9 AM Sydney time.

"Our partnership with Dental Axess in Australia as our designated distributor has contributed to a tremendous growth in the Australian market. Many customers are now collaborating with us every day so to offer them the best possible experience, we have decided to extend our business hours in Canada. We hope this will help to further facilitate our expansion in Australia and will secure our international presence."

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New Shop Online Section

Quebec City, April 13, 2015
Panthera Dental is proud to launch its new SHOP ONLINE section, available on its website. Starting of now, you can order premium standard parts at a very low price. We keep a wide range of high-quality analogs in stock. They are all made of titanium and colored like the original ones. All analogs are sold at the same price: 15$ each in a pack of five.

To order, simply visit, click on SHOP NOW, and within a minute you can order everything you need.

You will also find some other products in this new section. Over time, more products will be added such as screws, bar attachments, marketing products, etc.

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Panthera Dental announced its new distributor partnership with Dental Axess AG, Switzerland.

Quebec City, April 1, 2015
Panthera Dental is pleased to introduce its new distributor Dental Axess AG based in Zurich, Switzerland. Beginning today, labs and dentists that wish to get Panthera Dental solutions can now do so through Dental Axess AG services. “We really think this partnership will open doors in a key area of the European market. Dental Axess AG is a well-established reseller of CAD-CAM solutions in Australia that has been delivering services and products up to the quality standards of Panthera Dental. Today, they have opened an office in Switzerland and it is with great pleasure that we continue our collaboration with Dental Axess to deliver the best solutions in this new European market.” Bernard Robichaud, co-founder of Panthera.

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Panthera Dental Announces FDA Clearance of Panthera Anti-Snoring Device

Quebec City, January 6, 2015
Panthera Dental announced it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the Panthera Anti- Snoring Device. This device is a removable intraoral device used for treating snoring and mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea. It consists of two custom fabricated splints that fit separately over the upper and lower teeth and engage by means of adjustable rods.

The device functions as a mandibular repositioner, maintaining the lower jaw in a forward position during sleep. This mechanical protrusion acts to increase the patient’s pharyngeal space, improving their ability to exchange air during sleep.

The device is a prescription device customized for each patient and has an adjustment mechanism enabling the amount of mandibular advancement to be set by the dentist or physician at the time of fitting the device. The device can be adjusted only by the dentist. The maximum protrusion of the device is 15 mm in 1-mm increments.

“We are very proud to announce the Panthera Anti-Snoring device to the US market” said Jerry Vogel, Executive VP USA of Panthera Dental. “This particular product is one of the smallest, most effective and patient-friendly devices in the market today. The potential and the impact of sleep challenges for the dental industry is enormous and will add significant value to dental practices who can now impact so many patients and their families lives in a completely new way”.

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Panthera Dental Appointed Andreas Klie as Regional Sales Director for the Province of Ontario

Quebec City, January 6, 2015
Panthera Dental announced today that Andreas Klie has been contracted as Regional Sales Director, Ontario. He will also act as a sales representative in the province of Ontario. Andreas is a certified dental technician with over 28 years of experience in the dental field.

Andreas graduated from Technikon School of Dental Technology in South Africa in 1986 and became RDT in Ontario in 2005. He spent 10 years working as a Technical Consultant for BEGO Canada, a leading dental equipment company having its headquarters in Germany. Prior to this position, Andreas worked for Progenic Dental Laboratory (2001-2004), founded La Lucia Dental Laboratory (1991-2001) and was also employed in 2 military hospitals (1987-1991). Andreas will play a major role in Panthera Dental’s strategy to incorporate more technical guides and articles in its portfolio.

“I have known Andreas for many years, and I am very proud to have him onboard in our team. His dental technician experience combined with his field experience will give us an asset to offer our customers more precise and detailed solutions. The fact that the majority of Canadian labs and many US labs know him is also a huge benefit for the growth of our company.” Bernard Robichaud, co-founder of Panthera Dental.

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Panthera Dental announced its new distributor partnership with the Hong Kong based lab Nature Dental

Quebec City, January 31, 2014
Panthera Dental is pleased to introduce its new distributor Nature Dental based in Hong Kong. Beginning today, labs and dentist that wish to get Panthera Dental solution can now do so through Nature Dental services. “We really think this partnership will open doors in a key area of the Asian market. Nature Dental is a well-established lab in Hong Kong that has been delivering services and products up to the quality standards of Panthera Dental.” Gabriel Robichaud, president of Panthera.

About Panthera Dental
Headquartered in Quebec City, Canada, Panthera Dental is a world leader in CAD/CAM prosthetic implant solutions and dental sleep appliances. The rapid growth of the company is based on the values that are very dear to us, namely highly attentive customer care, quality products, as well as innovation, and on its collaboration with many key opinion leaders in the dentistry field. Both a pioneer and a leader, Panthera Dental has successfully combined creativity, science and know-how to develop its proprietary innovative technology and is now able to offer next-generation products to the dental industry worldwide.

About Nature Dental
With over 30 years of experience, we were one of the first Hong Kong dental laboratories to establish a facility in Shenzhen. Our three stories laboratory building is fully equipped to handle all types of dental restorations. Situated right along side the laboratory building is the five stories living apartment, providing free accommodations for all our employees.

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Panthera Dental New 3D Viewer Just Released

Quebec City, November 4, 2013
Panthera Dental announced today the launch of a completely new 3D Viewer.

The Viewer will totally change the way dental laboratories usually validate their orders. With this user-friendly tool, dental laboratories will now be able to view their cases, measure any section of their model, and check the position of screw channels.

The 3D Viewer can also take screenshots from any angle. The user simply needs to move the 3D image in the desired direction and click on the appropriate button. The screenshots can then be sent via e-mail, for sharing with the dental practitioner or for archiving.

Once again, Panthera Dental innovates and offers the best technology to dental laboratories worldwide.

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Panthera Dental Releasing its Double Structures Today

Quebec City, October 18, 2013
Panthera Dental announced today the release of a complete new range of products with many options: the Double Structures.

Dental laboratories will now have access to the best products in the industry. They will be able to request CAD/CAM double structures and choose from three types of materials: titanium, cobalt-chrome, and PMMA, thus increasing the quality of the products labs provide and their own productivity.

Moreover, this product is offered with several options such as pink silicoating. There is also a new attachment available to provide laboratories with even more choice, the MK1, which is very popular with customers requiring a locking mechanism for the restoration.

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