The REBourkeTM concept bar is not your average double structure bar

It is a new concept that allows patients to benefit from the advantages of both removable and fixed restorations.

The primary bar is designed with a 25 degree angulation to allow an easy path of insertion and avoid movement on the occlusal axis.

The friction between the two structures is what maintains both bars together without any possibility of movement.

In order to secure everything together, two MK1 attachments are used in the posterior area, giving the patient the same feeling as a fixed restoration.

The secondary bar is designed to have a soft contact with tissues in order to seal the prosthesis.

If better access is required to clean the primary bar, it is possible for the patient to remove the prosthesis with the help of a small tool.

Her concept is today taught and endorsed by Dr. John C. Kois.

More than 10 years have passed since its creation and it is with all this experience that Panthera Dental now joins its forces to digitalize the concept and help it reach even higher levels of quality.

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