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Our goal is to offer you the best product ever, always. Panthera’s expertise in the manufacturing of high-end implant-supported solutions and many other dental restoration products is known worldwide. Accepting .STL files was the natural next step we had to take in order to keep the same distinctive quality.

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All the major brands

Working with ELOS Scan Body from ELOS MEDTECH allows us to offer a broad compatibility with implants. Do not worry; this list is constantly being upgraded since new platforms are added every month to ensure you have access to one of the largest compatibility lists on the market.


Yes, we offer all the ones you need

At Panthera Dental, we are constantly searching around the globe for the latest innovations in materials. We want to offer you both diversity AND quality, i.e., a wide range of materials and the best ones among them. You can request titanium, chrome-cobalt, PMMA, zirconia, PEEK, and many more. In addition to having an exhaustive list of materials, we also have different shades for many of those materials.


Up to 25 years of peace of mind

We believe in our products and the quality of our work to the extent of offering one of the longest warranties of the industry. All our metal-based products are guaranteed 25 years, and our ceramics products, up to 5 years. The real benefit though is not the length of our warranties, but the way we apply them: we do not ask why, we just replace your product for any failure, no questions asked, ever*.

Turn-around time

Lightning speed, without compromises

One of the reasons why you have acquired a dental scanner and software is probably to save time, understandably. That is why we offer you a 5-day turn-around time upon receiving your file.


We deliver quality worldwide

The best part of this digital solution is that your location does not matter. Wherever you are established, we will deliver. Using one of the most effective courier services, we ship worldwide using the fastest service available. But delivering quickly was not enough for us, we wanted to do it well, consequently, all our products come in a box designed and made with care, which reflects the quality of our solutions.

Perfect FitTM Warranty

It will fit, it is a promise

At Panthera Dental, we have set up a complete protocol to reduce the risk of improper fit for every part we milled. By following the same protocol we follow, you will be able to minimize the risk of improper fit for all parts you will scan. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the fit, we will redo your piece for 50% of the original price, no questions asked**.

For more information

+ 1 418 527-0388

*For more information about our warranty, please visit our warranty section here.
**We recommend the 3Shape scanner D850+ to avoid any misfit of your multi-implant supported products. For more information, please contact our customer service.


  • Aqua(24978)
  • Lilac(24979)
  • Yellow(24977)

Biomet 3i

  • ILA20
  • IILA20
  • IILAW5
  • ILAW5
  • IILAW6
  • ILAW6


  • Branemark NP(31158)
  • Branemark RP(31159)
  • Branemark WP(31160)
  • MultiUnit RP(31161)
  • MultiUnit WP(31162)
  • Replace Select NP(29498)
  • Replace Select RP(29500)
  • Replace Select WP(29502)
  • NobelActive NP(36697)
  • NobelActive RP(36698)
  • Replace Select 6.0(29995)
  • NobelActive WP(37879)


  • NC(025.2101)
  • RC(025.4101)
  • RN synOcta(048.124) with 048.616
  • WN synOcta(048.171) with 048.603


  • AVR
  • IA3
  • IA4
  • IA5


  • Uni 20(22069)
  • Uni 45(22070)

  • DAIINK4.3N
  • DDIEVL3.3


  • SRI 3.25-3.75(56695)
  • SRI 4.1(56696)
  • SRI 4.5(56698)
  • SRI 5.5(56699)


  • J3010.3800
  • J3010.6000
  • J3010.5000
  • J3010.4300
  • J3010.3300